Gas and Water Leak Detection

Gas and Water Leak Detection

Because gas and water pipes in your system are hidden behind walls or underneath floors, a leak could go unnoticed for some time. If your central heating system regularly loses pressure, your home has excessive condensation, you notice damp patches in walls, floors and ceilings or your water usage is higher than usual, you could have a leak that needs to be found.

Ignoring the problem will always lead to increased damage to your property – costing you more money in the long term. We have an emergency call-out service to deal with the problem as quickly as possible.

Because the Gas Safe qualified team understand how central heating systems work, we have higher leak detection success rates compared with other companies.

Combining our experience with state-of-the-art detection monitors, can locate a leak using non-invasive methods to minimise disruption for you and your home.

The leak detection process replaces the water in your system with a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen gas, which will escape from any leak. As the gas passes through walls, wood and even concrete, it is detected by our sensitive monitors. This pinpoints the location of the leak without having to drill test holes all over your home! can trace and repair most leaks on the same day. Our team includes tradesmen who can repair any damage your property has suffered. This save the inconvenience of having to contact a builder, plasterer, electrician and decorator to return your home to normal.

The cost of gas and water leak detection is often covered by your building insurance policy under “Trace and Access” cover. can take the stress out of the situation by working directly with your insurance company.

If you suspect you may have a gas or water leak in your home, call on 01621 332441 to arrange an inspection.

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