Improve Boiler Efficiency With a Magnaclean Filter

Improve Boiler Efficiency With a Magnaclean Filter

The water flowing through your central heating system is corroding it from the inside. Gradually, a black sludge of iron oxide – rust – builds up in your system causing cold spots on your radiators, low heat and excessive noise from your central heating pump. Your boiler has to work harder to maintain heat levels and push the sludge around your central heating. This makes your boiler inefficient.

The solution is to fit a Magnaclean filter which collects the rust. This will help to keep your central heating system clean and more efficient, which means lower fuel bills and longer boiler life.

A Magnaclean filter can be installed to your existing heating system or as part of a new boiler installation.  It should be cleaned as part of your required annual boiler service.

If you would like a Magnaclean filter fitted to your central heating system, get in touch on 01621 332441 or fill in the enquiry form.

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