Keep Your System Efficient With a Power Flush

Keep Your System Efficient With a Power Flush

Do you have cold radiators, a noisy boiler that bangs, crashes and regularly cuts out, or sticking pumps and valves? Are your energy bills too high? It could be that your central heating system needs a power flush.

If your heating system is five years old or more, there is probably a build-up of corrosion and sludge in the system. If you ignore the problem, it will only get worse.

A power flush from will clean the muck out of your system and help to restore the efficiency of your central heating system. During the process, we add corrosion inhibitors, which will help to maintain and extend the life of your central heating system.

We strongly recommend that after the Power Flush has been completed we install a magnetic filter to help keep your central heating system clean.

You can arrange your Power Flush now or as part of your annual boiler service by calling us on 01621 332441. If you prefer, you can use the enquiry form.

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