Boiler installation terms and conditions

Please read this document carefully as it will tell you everything you need to know about how we deal with each otherwhen we carry out installation work in your home. If you have any questions, please let us know before you accept the quote.

Goods and services:


The prices stated are for the work shown on the quote and any additional work will require either an additional quotation form or a variation form to be accepted prior to any commencement of further works. We may have to increase the price quoted if we discover a hazard to health and safety that you did not inform us about. You agree to the following:

The information you supply to us must be factually correct and accurate.

All associated materials removed/ replaced on installation is the property of us unless agreed prior to commencement of works. You will be responsible for any work / removal on any hazardous materials / substances found. We will not be responsible for any delays if this happens.


All appliances and apparatus we fit that have a guarantee / warranty period will be passed to you on completion of the agreed works. We guarantee all our work for a period of 1 year. We do not cover damage caused by yourselves or work carried out by a third party. If you are not happy with any of the goods or services we have supplied then you must contact us within the 14 day period directly following completion of the works stated. We will be liable for extensive damage caused by our employees.


Payment is expected on completion of work.

Payment can be made by the following methods:

  • Method 1 Cheque
  • Method 2 Cash Payment
  • Method 3 Bank Transfer

Once you have agreed this quotation we will expect to be paid by yourselves in full on the day of completion less previously agreed in writing. Our business is with you and not any third parties as regards payment i.e. your Landlord. If you do not make payment on completion of the works, or by any other written agreements regarding payment supplied by us we may charge you the costs of recovering the outstanding amount (including legal costs or recovery by a third party). All goods, materials and equipment will remain our property until payment has been made by you in full. If you do not make payment at the time of completion of the works (or another date agreed by us) then we may take steps to recover the goods from you andresell or return them to the supplier in order to recover all or part of the monies owed to us.

Existing Pipe work

The installation of a new heating/ hot water system often requires the system to be pressurized. On occasion this can lead to existing fittings in the house leaking for example (but not limitedto). Heating pipes and associated fittings. Tap connectors at taps and toilets. Showers and toilets may also be affected. If there are any leaks on the existing plumbing or heating pipe-work in the property that have not been newly installed as part of the new heating system, Boiler Boiler ltd will not be accountable for any damage caused. Any repairs or parts required to fix leaks due to pressurizing of newly installed system will be an additional charge to the customer. Any leaks and associated damage caused by poorly installed pipe-work, fittings or appliances by Boiler Boiler Ltd during installation process will be the responsibility of the company. Any existing issues withyour plumbing and heating system are your responsibility to rectify. We canissue a quotation to repair or replace any issues but this will be at additional cost.

Pressurised Systems

Heating Systems after installation require to be kept at 1.5 bar pressure when the boiler is not running. The system should maintain this setting without having to carry out any actions. However on occasion it may need to be topped up for various reasons. Different boilers have different ways of filling the heating system using a “fill loop”. If for any reason the system needs re-filled the customer will be able to carry this out from the information provided. This may occur if radiators have been bled or sometimes on new installations, if some air is in the system. On occasion there may be a leak in the heating system. This is your responsibility to replenish the pressure should the system require it.

Continuity Bonding and Earth Wiring

As part of your new heating installation your boiler and associated pipe-work will be appropriately earth bonded. Some boilers now come with internal bonding so earth bonding clamps may not be visible on pipe-work. The earth bonding will connect via the earth circuit from the electrical supply to the boiler. This process safely completes the continuity of the earth wiring to the newly installed boiler and associatedpipe-work. Boiler Boiler Ltd are not responsible for any other earth continuity wiring in a customer’s property and all installations are based on the assumption that all existing electrical wiring in a property are the responsibility of the customer and up to current regulations, correctly installed and in good working order.

General Statements

All works are quoted at the standard rate for work to be carried out on weekdays e.g. Monday to Friday inclusive but not on Bank Holidays. Any requests for works to be carried out on days other than this may include additional charges and this should be specified by 'You,' the client, at the time of the quotation. We will not be held liable if we cannot complete any works for reasons outside our control.

We will take care to carry out the work without causing damage to your property. If we cause unnecessary damage because of negligence we will put it right. Sometimes we have to do extra work if we cannot use existing pipe work or wiring. Through the nature of the work we tend to be working in the dirtiest areas of your home (boiler rooms, airing cupboard, lofts etc.) Sometimes the work we carry out can cause damage to things, for example inside and outside furnishings wall coverings and paint. You may need to redecorate, repair or restore certain areas once the work is completed. Although we will be as clean and tidy as possible you will likely have to dust and clean once the work is complete. This is not included in the price we quoted and you will be responsible for this.

Anything valuable to you please putsomewhere safe (locked in your car) and anything breakable should be stored in a way that it can not be easily damaged.

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